At T-Starter we have made it our mission not to allow scam projects on the platform. This vetting process can however add friction to the listing process and discourage projects from using our platform. This is why we have now added an option to list through a community vetting process. This community vetting requires that a project garner enough community support over a voting period of 1 or 2 weeks to proceed to sale. If the project has gained sufficient support after this voting period (currently set at);

a sale will…

Projects have long lamented the lack of support and funding needed to build on EOS. With the deployment of T-Starter on EOS they are now able to take their destiny into their own hands. T-Starter is a project launchpad platform running on EOS.

The START token is the utility token of the T-Starter platform. We are holding a small START token IDO on EOS (sale followed immediately by a DefiBox listing) to seed the EOS community with token and show off to both projects and investors what we have built. A direct link to the sale is provided below;

Why we built T-Starter?

We are excited to announce the official launch of T-Starter on WAX with a seed token sale followed immediately by a START:WAX swap pool listing on Alcor exchange. The following link is a direct link to the sale;

T-Starter is a project launchpad platform. START is the T-Starter platform utility token. It allows you to;

  • Stake to qualify for VIP tiers and staking rewards
  • Get guaranteed allocations in token sales based on VIP status
  • Get bonus tokens during pre-sales
  • Participate on platform governance and project selection
  • Use the social components of the platform

Why T-Starter?

Blockchain project launchpad platforms are an…

A cross chain launchpad

We are excited to announce, T-Starter is now live on Telos, EOS and Wax. This is possible as a result of our token bridge technology which allows START tokens to freely move between the three chains. This expansion did not require the issuing of any new tokens. The total supply of START remains unchanged.

The user interface has been built to display all projects listed across the three blockchains. This delivers maximise possible visibility to projects listing on T-Starter. The blockchain hosting the project is indicated by a small icon in the top right of the project card.

The Zeptagram ZPTC token sale is now live on T-Starter. The sale will see 5 million ZPTC tokens be offered at $0.15. The sale pool is available on

The following information was obtained directly from the Zeptagram website and is included here for your convenience;

Sale details

For a detailed description please visit

Token price : 1 ZPTC = $0.15

Token lockup : 10% liquid on completion of sale, 10% released per quarter for the over 27 months

Soft cap : 50 000 USDT / 333 330 ZPTC

Hard cap : 750 000 USDT / 5 000 000…

The upcoming Zeptagram token sale will be done using pUSDT. While this is a good option for both the project and the investor in times of high crypto price volatility, getting pUSDT into your Telos wallet can prove quite challenging. In this post we cover the step by step process of getting pUSDT into a Telos wallet.

Small quantities on pUSDT

The best option for small quantities on pUSDT is to head over to T-Swaps ( and perform the trade there. The conversion will require first swapping your token to TLOSD then swapping TLOSD to pUSDT. …

T-Starter will host a LocalScale token sale on May 25, 2021 starting at 17:00 UTC. Further details can be found here.

LocalScale is an organisation focusing on the development of resilient and sustainable local economies through the use of technology, science and regenerative activities. Their vision is;

Our vision is that, given the challenges faced by our civilization, the depletion of natural resources, and the anticipated contraction of modern economies, the transformation of our societies will only be possible through positivist approaches and intrinsically guided by principles of sustainable/regenerative and ethical development of local communities, while respecting and restoring natural…

At T-Starter we recognise the value of our community in the sale process. With this in mind we now allow START token holders to share their sentiment and comment on projects directly on our app. Commenting and sharing sentiment will lock 1.0 START for 7 days (as an anti-spam measure). All locked tokens are returned after this lockup expires.

Commenting and sentiment voting are available up until the pool closes. When the pool closes comments and individual account sentiment votes are deleted to free RAM consumed when posting. Sentiment totals are retained forever.

We would like to encourage everybody to…

As part of our cross chain vision we are excited to announce T-Starter is now live on EOS. We have built a cross chain bridge, allowing START tokens to be moved easily between Telos and EOS and now support the same functionality on both the Telos and EOS blockchains.

How it works

Users can simply switch chains using a selector in the top right of the T-Starter application. Visit our application here.

The START token is the utility token of the T-Starter platform (visit t-Starter here). Below we discuss a number of the use cases for the token.

Early access to public pools

T-Starter currently allows early access to pool sales by locking up START tokens. Tokens are returned to the user after the lockup expires. Currently 500 START must be locked for 30 days to gain early access to each pool. The number of START needed for early access is a T-Starter governance parameter which may be changed in the future through a governance vote. …


At T-Starter we are building a cross-chain token pool swap platform on the Telos Blockchain, making it possible for projects to build on Telos

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