How to deposit PUSDT into your Telos account

  1. An Ethereum wallet to handle the withdrawal from the Exchange and then the peg in to Telos. There are numerous Ethereum wallets available. One of the most common is Metamask ( This post describes the process using Metamask.
  2. A Telos account to receive your pUSDT. Learn how to create a Telos account here if you have not previously created one — Telos Network onboarding process —
  • Copy your wallet address from your Ethereum wallet and specify that as your withdrawal address.
  • Enter the amount of USDT you would like to withdraw and process the withdrawal.
  • Wait for the exchange to process your withdrawal and the USDT to appear in your Ethereum wallet. This process may take several minutes depending on how frequently your exchange processes withdrawal requests.
  • Navigate to the USDT (Ethereum) <> pUSDT (Telos) bridge using the following link —
  • Connect your Ethereum wallet.
  • Enter the amount of USDT you want to transfer and your Telos account name.
  • Press the “Swap” button and accept the transaction signing requests presented to you. There will be two signing requests, (1) an approve request (2) followed by the peg in contract action request. It is now simply a matter of waiting for your pUSDT to appear in your Telos account.



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