• Stake to qualify for VIP tiers and staking rewards
  • Get guaranteed allocations in token sales based on VIP status
  • Get bonus tokens during pre-sales
  • Participate on platform governance and project selection
  • Use the social components of the platform

Why T-Starter?

START seed sale


Opens : June 29, 2021 @ 17:00 UTC

START offered : 250 000 START

Price : 0.5 WAX (1 WAX : 2 START)

Access : First come first serve, max 30 000 START per account

Liquidity allocation : 80% of sale proceeds

VIP Tier structure

  • 75% of the fees from a successful sale are allocated to staking rewards. The rewards are shared pro-rata based on staked balance at the instant the sale closes and is distributed in sale tokens (WAX).
  • Guaranteed allocations are determined algorithmically. Higher VIP tiers are entitled to more tokens during the guaranteed allocation phase of a sale.
  • Bonus tokens are only awarded during guaranteed allocation phase of the sale. Higher VIP levels receive more bonus tokens. Bonus allocations may vary. An example of bonus allocation is VIP 5 : 10%, VIP 4 : 8%, … VIP 1 : 2%

Community project selection

Cross-chain platform

START Token Distribution

  • 4.5M START (4.5%) — seed round
  • 3 x 250k START — platform launch sales on WAX, EOS and Telos
  • 3 x 250k START — AMM swap pool liquidity on Alcor, DefiBox, T-Swaps

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At T-Starter we are building a cross-chain token pool swap platform on the Telos Blockchain, making it possible for projects to build on Telos