Fortis Coin — Round 2 sale

We are excited to announce the Fortis Coin round 2 sale! This will be the first sale to make use of the T-Starter cross-chain sale functionality. Users will be able to join the sale using USDT on:

*Note that the Ethereum option will only be enabled, during the course of the sale, if there is enough demand for the functionality in the community.

By doing this we are making the lives of anybody who does not hold USDT on Telos a whole lot simpler and saving a whole lot of Ethereum gas.

What you need to join the sale

Fortis Coin — Round 2 of 4 is hosted on the Telos blockchain. You will need the following to take part in the sale:

  • A Telos native account — Your Fortis Coins will be delivered to your Telos native account. You cannot join the pool sale without a Telos account. To find out how to create and use a Telos native account, visit

How to join the sale

  1. Withdraw your USDT from the exchange to your Metamask account on the BSC mainnet, or buy some on a DEX like PancakeSwap.

What happens if the sale is cancelled or fails to reach its soft cap?

We do not expect this sale to be cancelled or fail to reach its soft cap. It is, nevertheless, still worth knowing what will happen if things go wrong. There is no need to worry about losing your USDT if this were to happen. When sales are cancelled or fail to reach their soft cap on T-Starter all tokens are returned to the rightful owners. You will be able to reclaim your USDT on the blockchain you originally sent the coins from. Our smart contracts remember where coins were received. Even if you send some coins from one blockchain and others from a second blockchain, they are still claimed back on the blockchain you sent them from.



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