T-Starter Beta Launched

3 min readApr 15, 2021

It has been about 8 weeks since our community bootstrapped T-Starter (read more). Over this short time the team has been hard at work building a beautiful user interface, really showcasing what is possible on the Telos blockchain. We are proud to announce that today our app is live on the Telos Mainnet (see the app at https://app.tstarter.io). Many thanks to the early supporters of this project.

If you have just discovered T-Starter please connect with us on our Telegram here — https://t.me/tstarterio.

On Monday, April 19 @ 17:00 UTC our first sale will open on T-Starter. This will involve two small TLOS:START rounds with the following objectives;

  • To showcase our solution to projects.
  • To prove the platform works under load.
  • To identify and refine user experience issues.
  • To increase the number of accounts that have 500 START tokens needed for premium access to pools.
  • To raise liquidity for a T-Swaps pool.

Why you need START

On T-Starter we require that you stake 500 START for 30 days for each premium access pool you join. We chose to go this route to avoid premium assess becoming unaffordable to all but those first few token holders. With this model the more pools you want to join the more START you need to lock up for 30 days.

Beta sale details

This sale will comprise two rounds;

Round 1, 125 000 START @ 1 TLOS = 1.125 START

See round 1 here

In this round accounts will be able to get a maximum of 540 START, thereby securing premium access to their first pool. If you miss out on this round you will have to go to market to get those sought after START needed for premium access.

As soon as this pool closes all successful participants will be sent their START tokens (yes, no need to claim — a great example of the power of Telos) and the T-Swaps pool created with 100% of the proceeds of the sale. The initial T-Swaps price will be 1 TLOS = 1 SWAP.

Round 2, 125 000 START @ 1 TLOS = 0.9 START

See round 2 here

This round will allow account holders who want more than that minimum 500 START they were able to pick up in round 1 to increase their bags to around 9 000 START. If the first people in this pool go for max, the 125 000 START on offer is going to disappear very quickly.

Future sales

Clearly if you read our original tokenomics plan you will realise we have departed from what we had there. We will always endeavour to do what is best for our current token holders. With the overwhelming success of our seed round, a bullish BTC price and a super development team, we were easily able to complete what we needed without having to do a second round sale. In addition, the T-bond sale would have added unnecessary complexity to what we were building. We chose to prioritise producing the best possible solution we could in the shortest possible time rather than stubbornly sticking to our original plan.

We will still do a second round sale in PBTC and/or PETH at a discount, but instead on making use of T-Bonds, we will use our own T-Starter vesting system. This vesting system is baked into the core of T-Starter and is available to all projects who need their tokens released over time.

A full update on our revised plans will be released soon. We have some real cool surprises here so stay tuned.

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At T-Starter we are building a cross-chain token pool swap platform on the Telos Blockchain, making it possible for projects to build on Telos