100% community bootstrapped, T-Starter is a go!

2 min readApr 6, 2021


We are very proud to announce that our first round of funding, the T-Starter seed sale in which we offered 4.5M START, completely sold out. 100% of funds sourced are from early-backers, making this an entirely community bootstrapped sale.

We are overwhelmed by the faith the community has shown in the project, helping us raise the 0.9 PBTC we set as the limit for the first fundraising round.

Although we didn’t raise barriers for anyone to enter the seed funding round, we did ensure that those who have sought us out in this early stage of development would be rewarded by not marketing the seed round funding beyond our TG community group.

Despite this, and the fact that you needed to know your way around a smart contract to take part, we hit our hard cap in just under 3 days!

We must say a huge thank you to the T-Starter community for getting us there and providing us with the funds to keep development and marketing on track for an alpha launch in May 2021. And if you have read this far, then here is your reward — a sneak peek at how the app is looking on testnet right now.

We are proud to say we now have 28 lucky, new START holders, with more to join them in the T-Bond sale in round 2 and the public presale in round 3.

Here is a reminder of some of the utility we have planned for START:

START Token Usecases

Access to private sales

Certain projects listing on the T-Starter platform are likely to complete their sale rapidly or be oversubscribed. START tokens will be used to allow holders early access to these projects and control the level of participation in the case of oversubscribed projects.

Platform governance

START token holders will be able to participate in platform governance. This will involve voting on project listing criteria, fees, rewards and new feature development.

Staking rewards

By staking their START tokens, holders will receive staking rewards. Staking rewards will be funded from a percentage of the fees collected from project listings and token sales. Unstaking tokens will undergo an unstaking period before becoming liquid to prevent gaming of the staking reward system.

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