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We are excited to announce the official launch of T-Starter on WAX with a seed token sale followed immediately by a START:WAX swap pool listing on Alcor exchange. The following link is a direct link to the sale;


T-Starter is a project launchpad platform. START is the T-Starter platform utility token. It allows you to;

  • Stake to qualify for VIP tiers and staking rewards
  • Get guaranteed allocations in token sales based on VIP status
  • Get bonus tokens during pre-sales
  • Participate on platform governance and project selection
  • Use the social components of the platform

Why T-Starter?

Blockchain project launchpad platforms are an essential part of the defi ecosystems of successful blockchains. They lower the barrier to entry significantly for projects wishing to build on blockchain. Through a simple review of funds raised by various launchpads, one soon realises they have provided much more funding to projects than any foundation. This is simply a better model than centralised funding. Any blockchain not having a launchpad platform is at a significant disadvantage of attracting new projects. We built T-Starter to allow WAX to better compete with other blockchains when attracting new projects.

START seed sale


T-Starter will use our own platform the run the START token seed sale. The details about the sale follow;

Opens : June 29, 2021 @ 17:00 UTC

START offered : 250 000 START

Price : 0.5 WAX (1 WAX : 2 START)

Access : First come first serve, max 30 000 START per account

Liquidity allocation : 80% of sale proceeds

VIP Tier structure

T-Starter has 5 VIP tiers based on START token balance staked. The levels are detailed below.

  • 75% of the fees from a successful sale are allocated to staking rewards. The rewards are shared pro-rata based on staked balance at the instant the sale closes and is distributed in sale tokens (WAX).
  • Guaranteed allocations are determined algorithmically. Higher VIP tiers are entitled to more tokens during the guaranteed allocation phase of a sale.
  • Bonus tokens are only awarded during guaranteed allocation phase of the sale. Higher VIP levels receive more bonus tokens. Bonus allocations may vary. An example of bonus allocation is VIP 5 : 10%, VIP 4 : 8%, … VIP 1 : 2%

Community project selection

T-Starter will allow self listing of projects early in Q3 of 2021. This will reduce the administrative load on the project team and allow our community to decide which projects proceed to sale. Projects will be required to create a ballot for community approval. If the ballot succeeds the sale will proceed. Voting for ballots will be weighted based on staked START balance.

Cross-chain platform

T-Starter is a cross-chain platform and is currently live on WAX, Telos and EOS. The START token is a cross-chain token which can be moved between blockchains using the T-Swaps token bridge. The token bridge is integrated into the platform and using it is intuitive.

START Token Distribution

A maximum of 100 million START tokens will be issued. 50% of these tokens will be made available in a number of private and public rounds over the next 24 months subject to market conditions. The remaining tokens will be used to establish the ecosystem. They have been allocated ass follows;

On completion of this sale approximately 6% of this total supply is in circulation. The breakdown is as follows;

  • 4.5M START (4.5%) — seed round
  • 3 x 250k START — platform launch sales on WAX, EOS and Telos
  • 3 x 250k START — AMM swap pool liquidity on Alcor, DefiBox, T-Swaps

For more on T-Starter

To learn more about T-Starter join our Telegram and visit our website.




At T-Starter we are building a cross-chain token pool swap platform on the Telos Blockchain, making it possible for projects to build on Telos