3 min readFeb 15, 2022


T-Starter community update — Q1 2022

A lot has happened behind the scenes since our last post. Here is an update for February of 2022.


After many conversations with the team, the telos foundation and our stakeholders, we decided to keep the name T-Starter as well as the START ticker. The news may sound a bit strange to some users. After all, we did an entire competition for name suggestions. Let’s explain.

Towards the end of last year, we considered launching on other blockchains to attract larger volumes. However, starting this year it became clear that Telos is picking up their game. The entire ecosystem is growing at an impressive rate. This encouraged us to refocus our commitment towards becoming the primary launchpad for Telos; the first stop for new projects. Telos Starter is entirely appropriate to this end.

Nevertheless, rebranding is still on. We are working with Appics to redesign the logo and the platform’s corporate identity. Once finalised, the platform will get an updated look and feel.

Indecision regarding the START ticker also delayed listing on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap. Now that it is in place we can proceed to list the token on a DEX that is supported by their price API’s and apply for a listing.

Business development

With a lot of help from Lliam and his Corderoy Content agency, we were able to improve the internal processes of the business.

  • We revised the organisational structure and hired new personnel where needed.
  • We did a complete competitor analysis.
  • We revised our vision and mission for T-Starter.
  • We identified the platform’s unique selling points.
  • We analysed the project and investors to understand the typical user of the platform.

These efforts give us direction and will hopefully bear fruit in the near future.


The team behind T-Starter (Yknot BCS) is responsible for several core Telos projects. T-Swaps v3.0 is one worth mentioning. The dev team has been hard at work upgrading both the smart contracts and the interface of T-Swaps.

Why is this important? Well, T-Swaps is the primary place for buying START. An improved swapping experience will therefore encourage users to invest in T-Starter. The v3.0 smart contracts also allow for self listing, which opens up the opportunity for projects to seamlessly create a swap pool directly after their successful launch on T-Starter.

For more information on T-Swaps, see their dapp, Medium, or Telegram.

Cross-chain sales

Despite the time spent on T-Swaps, the team still managed to do ground breaking development for T-Starter. You may have seen our post on cross-chain sales. This innovation allows tokens held on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain to be used to join a sale hosted on Telos, WAX or EOS blockchains. Keep an eye out for the next Fortis fundraising round. It will be the first project to use this feature.


  • T-Starter will do a rebrand to refresh the overall style, but we are going to stick to the current name and token ticker.
  • A lot of business development has been done to improve the internal processes of T-Starter.
  • A notable development effort was put into upgrading T-Swaps to v3.0. This will benefit T-Starter significantly.
  • We developed cross-chain sales which allows investors to use funds on Ethereum-based chains for a sale hosted on Telos, WAX or EOS.




At T-Starter we are building a cross-chain token pool swap platform on the Telos Blockchain, making it possible for projects to build on Telos