T-Starter Beta Sale Success

2 min readMay 16, 2021


We are overwhelmed by the success of our two beta sales held on April 19 and 21 to prove our platform and raise sufficient liquidity to create a T-Swap pool. A great thank you to everybody who participated and a big shout out to the development team who created a world class platform.

Our first sale was designed to allow as many accounts as possible to get the 500 START needed to participate in the second sale. We saw 111 000 TLOS being raised from 240 individual accounts in just over 22 hours. In what can be considered an epic blockchain transaction, all 240 accounts received their tokens simultaneously when the sale closed.

For our second sale we opened things up by increasing the maximum number of tokens per account. This saw the 125 000 START being snapped up by 36 accounts in a little over 11 minutes. For us this was a clear demonstration of the capability of the T-Starter platform and the Telos blockchain under load. We are exceptionally pleased with how things held up.

From what we learned through these sales we will be making a few minor improvements to give experience;

  • we will enhance the app to automatically update the sale progress indicator to avoid having users refresh the page to see how things are progressing.
  • We will be making changes to our hosting infrastructure to improve site loading under heavy load.

Listing a project on T-Starter

If you would like to list your project on T-Starter reach out to us on the following link;

Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQE7zDFlxxWmAN-pKDfik6OcgtReJ8oiviIpCUkOAGk6Ez7Q/viewform

You can also find us on the following channels;




At T-Starter we are building a cross-chain token pool swap platform on the Telos Blockchain, making it possible for projects to build on Telos