T-Starter, a project launchpad for EOS

4 min readJun 24, 2021


Projects have long lamented the lack of support and funding needed to build on EOS. With the deployment of T-Starter on EOS they are now able to take their destiny into their own hands. T-Starter is a project launchpad platform running on EOS.

The START token is the utility token of the T-Starter platform. We are holding a small START token IDO on EOS (sale followed immediately by a DefiBox listing) to seed the EOS community with token and show off to both projects and investors what we have built. A direct link to the sale is provided below;


Why we built T-Starter?

Blockchain project launchpad platforms are an essential part of the defi ecosystems of successful blockchains. They lower the barrier to entry significantly for projects wishing to build on blockchain. Through a simple review of funds raised by various launchpads one soon realises they have provided much more funding to projects than any foundation or centralised entities. This is simply a better model than centralised funding. Any blockchain not having a launchpad platform is at a significant disadvantage of attracting new projects. We built T-Starter to allow EOS to better compete with other blockchains.

What we offer projects

At the moment projects need to apply to T-Starter to be listed. We are however in the final stages of testing our self listing process. This post is addressed to projects who plan to self list on T-Starter. They will be able to begin listing in the next 2 weeks. The listing will work as follows;

  • A project pays 1000 START and creates a ballot detailing their offer.
  • Once published, the ballot goes to community vote. START token holders who have staked their tokens vote to decide whether a project should proceed to sale or not. This allows our community to do due diligence on projects before they proceed to sale.
  • If the ballot is unsuccessful project tokens are returned to the project and a future sale is cancelled.
  • If the ballot is successful the sale proceeds.
  • The sale completes when the hard cap or the close date/time are reached. If the close date/time is reached and the soft cap is not reached the sale is cancelled and all tokens are returned to their owners. If the sale is successful tokens are sent to the buyers when the sale closes.

Beyond this standard launchpad functionality, we offer projects the option to have their tokens released according to a vesting schedule. If the project elects to use the vesting feature the tokens will be released as as follows;

  • A specified percent (between 0% to 100%) of tokens will be released when the sale closes.
  • The remaining tokens may be claimed over the vesting period on a time release schedule.

In some cases projects may wish to hold private sales or perform investor vetting. In these circumstances the platform allows whitelist access. The whitelist can be updated while the sale is in progress and therefore projects can continue to accept application right up until the sale closes.

What we offer investors

Our hope is by allowing investors to get involved in project vetting and then participate in the success of projects funded through this platform we will be able to develop an engaged investor community on EOS. This should both attract higher quality projects to EOS and allow EOS to better compete with other blockchains.

The START token is the T-Starter platform utility token. START token holders can stake their tokens and gain the following;

  • VIP tier membership with guaranteed allocations and bonus tokens during pre-sales.
  • Staking rewards from platform fees charged on successful sales.
  • The power to decide which projects proceed to sale on the platform.

T-Starter VIP accounts have first access to sales during a pre-sale phase. On completion of the pre-sale, the remaining tokens are made available on a first come first serve basis. The first come first serve sale allows accounts who lock up 500 START for 30 days a short period of exclusive access to unsold tokens. If tokens remain after this exclusive access period they are made available with no restrictions.

START seed sale


T-Starter will use our own platform to run the START token seed sale. The details about the sale follow;

Opens : June 29, 2021 @ 17:00 UTC

START offered : 250 000 START

Price : 0.016 EOS (1 EOS : 62.5 START)

Access : First come first serve, max 30 000 START per account

Liquidity allocation : 80% of sale proceeds

Our vision

With the addition of T-Starter to the EOS defi ecosystem EOS is one step closer to being feature equivalent with its leading competitors. We have almost completed our project self listing. Once this is complete we will be tackling fully automated DEX listing. At that point any project launching on EOS will be able to complete an IDO in much the same manner as anybody building on the leading competitors. Our vision is to see EOS become a strong competitor in the defi space and for T-Starter to be an essential part of that success.

For more on T-Starter

To learn more about T-Starter join our Telegram and visit our website.




At T-Starter we are building a cross-chain token pool swap platform on the Telos Blockchain, making it possible for projects to build on Telos