How to use T-Starter

4 min readApr 18, 2021

We have made every effort to make T-Starter as user friendly and intuitive as possible. Nevertheless, it is likely that many who have discovered us are not familiar with Telos. We have attempted here to cover the important steps necessary to get prepared to join a pool on T-Starter as well as what to expect when you join a pool.

Step 1 : Get a Telos account

T-Starter runs on the Telos blockchain. You will need a Telos account with TLOS in it to be able to join our pool. If you don’t already have a Telos account you can find out more about setting one up here;

Telos Network onboarding process —

If that process does not work you can always use one of the wallets that supports Telos account creation. Here are some options;

On desktop

SQRL wallet —

Wombat desktop wallet —


Wombat mobile wallet —

Step 2 : Get some TLOS

There are two major routes to getting native TLOS;

  1. Getting native TLOS directly on an exchange through TradeForTLOS service

You will be able to buy TLOS easily on ProBit Global if you have the patience to set up an account. The exchange allows you to withdraw more than the 500 TLOS you need for Monday without completing your KYC. If the centralised exchange experience for you this is an option.

Another option is to use the TradeForTlos service which trades EOS for TLOS on Newdex on your behalf then credits your Telos account. You can do that using your credit card and MoonPay here;

You are also able to send EOS from an exchange account. Find out more about these options here;

2. Getting TLOS ERC-20 tokens and moving them over the cross chain bridge to your Telos account.

You can get ERC-20 TLOS either through Uniswap (

Or purchasing it on MXC and withdrawing it to your personal ETH account.

Next, you must bring your TLOS from the Ethereum blockchain to your Telos account. Use the pNetwork Telos<>Ethereum bridge to do this step.

Step 3 : Login to the T-Starter app and verify you are ready

Navigate to and hit Login. You should see this on desktop;

On mobile you should have the following options;

  • Telos Sign
  • Anchor (iOS only)
  • Wombat (Android only)

Telos sign is the easiest to setup if you don’t want the extra tooling. It treats your account / private key as a username and password — and will save them in your browser if you allow that. Other wallets offer better security but do require additional applications to be installed. Join our telegram and ask for recommendations if you need to decide which suits you best.

Once you have logged in you should be able to select “wallet” and see your account balance. If the TLOS balance you see there is what you expect you are good to go!

The TLOS:START pool can be found here You will need to be logged in to join the pool when it opens.

When the pool opens the “Join Pool” button will be enabled.

Press the button to proceed. You will be shown a disclaimer and if you agree you will be able to join the pool.

If you are going for the maximum allowed allocation hit “MAX” then “JOIN POOL”. Your wallet should then open and ask you to confirm the transaction.

Sign the transaction and submit. The transaction will complete is seconds. This is what you will see if the transaction is successful

Choose to “VIEW ALLOCATION” to see your START tokens.

If you see your START here you are now the proud owner of START, welcome to the family.

Your START will automatically be sent to your account when the pool is closed. The pool will close early if the hard cap is reached. If the hard cap is not reached it will close at 11:00 UTC on April 21.

If you have any queries please ask on our Telegram channel. We will make our best effort to help you there.

Telegram :




At T-Starter we are building a cross-chain token pool swap platform on the Telos Blockchain, making it possible for projects to build on Telos