Cross chain, staking and more

A cross chain launchpad

The user interface has been built to display all projects listed across the three blockchains. This delivers maximise possible visibility to projects listing on T-Starter. The blockchain hosting the project is indicated by a small icon in the top right of the project card.

START token bridge

  • Pick the destination blockchain,
  • Enter your account name on that blockchain,
  • and the amount of START you wish to send,
  • then hit “SEND”

All you need to do now is to wait approximately 3 minutes for your START to be delivered to the destination account. Currently cross chain transfers are free and there is no limit on the quantity of START sent.


Why stake your tokens?

START token holders who stake their tokens on a Telos, Wax or EOS will receive a portion of the platform fees collected on that blockchain. The effect of staking is immediate and applies to all fees collected from that point forward. In a similar manner, the benefits of staking are immediate when tokens are unstaked.

There is no cost to unstaking START but tokens only become available after a 7 day release period has expired.

Because the staking on Wax, Telos and EOS are independent, token holders will have to decide where they wish to stake their tokens. The best place to hold your tokens is likely to change over time depending on where the best projects are being listed.

How to stake your START

Staking is an option in the main menu. To stake your START simply select “Stake”.

Then enter the amount of START you want to stake and press the “Stake” button.

To unstake your START enter the amount you want to unstake and press the “Unstake” button. Your tokens are immediately unstaked but you will have to wait for 7 days for them to be released.

The future

Guaranteed allocations in sales

The current implementation of using START to gain early access to sales still implements a first come first serve access to sale tokens. Our guaranteed access is coded into the T-Starter smart contract and applies to all sales. It is be based on staking tiers and provide larger allocations as more START is staked.

Self listing of projects

Unlike Ethereum, BSC and many other smart contract blockchains, EOSIO blockchains do not allow tokens to self list on dApps. The main reason for this is that malicious tokens contracts can “steal” the platform contracts RAM. We have come up with a methodology where we can guarantee only trusted, immutable tokens get listed on T-Starter. We are therefor able to open up the listing process by allowing projects to self list then using a community vote to decide whether they proceed to sale. A listing fee is be charged in START and voting weight is be based on staked START balance.

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At T-Starter we are building a cross-chain token pool swap platform on the Telos Blockchain, making it possible for projects to build on Telos